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Laughter as Medicine

Updated: Feb 23

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It took me too long to start laughing again. It wasn’t that I didn’t have a sense of humour. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand jokes. It was because I was medicated and in addition to not experiencing the negative emotions of depression and anxiety. I, unfortunately, didn’t experience positive emotions such as joy and excitement.

It is vital to always seek professional support when considering any change in medication. Since ceasing medicinal support for my mental health, I have found my self-care strategies have supported me to deal with the negatives. Negative emotional responses will always be there for everyone. However, I have been able to experience positive emotions. And for me . . . that is beyond worth it.

Laughter is motivational. It relieves stress. It encourages joy!

As such, I have set myself a goal. My goal is to laugh at least once daily. I am expanding this goal to encourage others to laugh too.

If you behave negatively, it affects others, whose mood then affects others and yet more others, and so on. This is a phenomenon called the Ripple Effect. I am determined to turn this around with my new goal. So, I will laugh at my unfunny jokes. I will aim to make those I am close to laugh at how unfunny my jokes are. This will then breed joy and laughter. Then, who knows? Maybe one day I’ll be able to crack a funny joke.

In the meantime, I’m going to fake it until I make it! There are so many positive effects of humour. I encourage everyone during these strange times to take control of what they can. You can’t control others but you can control when and how you laugh.

Have a humour-filled day!

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