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Be Who You Want to Become with
Chloe Mepham BSc
Life Coach


What Does A Life Coach Do?

Life coaching is a process where you can confidentially discuss any life issues that you may be struggling with. These issues are not limited to but can include:

  • Wellbeing issues such as emotional management, physical well-being, and life changes.

  • Relationship issues such as communication, exhibiting empathy, and developing self-control.

  • Goal setting and achievement including setting value-driven objectives, managing time effectively, and improving motivation.


A life coach is an objective observer who will listen, support, and keep you accountable for decisions you make for yourself. This will be an investment of time, energy, and finances. However, if you are willing to put in the work, the right life coach can support you to achieve your dreams.


I offer life coaching services to clients who book a free, no-obligation Mindset Meeting to discuss their requirements. All services I offer are tailored to each individual client. Each of us is wonderfully unique. I work with individuals holistically and create bespoke programmes to your needs, desires, and circumstances.


I specialise in developing emotional intelligence skills and incorporating mindfulness into your routine. These skills will support you with issues such as emotional regulation, stress management, and improving mental agility. Book a free no-obligation Mindset Meeting now to be who you want to become.

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Why is Holistic Well-being Important?

The exact definition and components of holistic well-being can vary from source to source, and practitioner to practitioner. What is agreed upon is that it involves cultivating your well-being in its entirety. It involves focusing on your whole self including nurturing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health. This will enhance your holistic well-being and happiness.


Do you ever feel like you lack purpose, and clarity on the direction of your life? Do you ever feel overwhelmed with burdens? I can offer inspirational and motivational coaching tailored to your circumstances and needs. Break free from feeling lost today! Book a Free Mindset Meeting here to discuss how I can support you to be who you want to become.


When you focus on your health as a whole embracing all facets of your life you will benefit from each component supporting the others. For example, when you focus on your physical well-being through diet and exercise you are also nourishing your brain, enhancing your mental capacities and your ability to regulate your emotions. Likewise, when you embrace a healthy mindset you are more inclined to care for your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health. I can support you to maximise all areas of your life.


How Can a Holistic Well-being Practitioner Help?

As a holistic well-being coach and writer, I can support you in embracing holistic health. I can coach you through life’s challenges and support you in seeking the answers you have within you. I can support you in restoring that sense of balance by discovering which areas of life you are lacking or you are overexerting yourself in. I can work with you to set and plan for goals to maximise your potential and manage your emotions effectively. I can keep you accountable to adhere to these aims and motivate you to succeed. We all have burdens to deal with. Let’s make life simpler. It doesn’t have to be so hard. Embrace your inner purpose and potential today! Book a Free Mindset Meeting here to see how I can support you to be who you want to become.


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