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In 2001 I graduated in psychology. I lean toward the humanistic approach, meaning that I believe in the unlimited potential of the self. It wasn't until 2014 that I found my passion, coaching. That was also where I trained in mindfulness, and cognitive behavioural therapy approaches. I believe in these approaches for being able to modify our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to achieve our unlimited potential. 

I discovered coaching in the UK justice sector's community rehabilitation department. During that time I delivered numerous programmes to groups and individuals using a strengths-based coaching approach. The programmes I have delivered included but were not limited to improving thinking skills, building better relationships, anger management, social skills, victim awareness, and improving emotional well-being.

In 2020 I decided to set up my own business supporting others with emotional management issues. I have since completed diplomas with distinctions in life coaching and mindfulness-based stress reduction. I want to empower you to take back control of your emotions.

I am an advocate for self-awareness. My training involved becoming aware of my thinking biases. This knowledge has supported me in developing emotional intelligence. My belief in expressing empathy is devout, especially when dealing with sensitive interactions. I have always received praise for my non-judgemental approach. 

I am also a keen writer. Historically I have worked on poetry, psychological reports, legal reports, fictional manuscripts, non-fictional manuscripts, short and long-form content, programmes, and meditations. Currently, I offer freelance writing services to clients who book a free, no-obligation Mindset Meeting to discuss their requirements. I also undertake additional assignments on request.

My vision is to empower others so that they can support their self-efficacy. I envisage that effectively developing emotional intelligence supports not only the client, but others in their life as well. That will promote a pro-social culture for them to thrive in, become more self-aware, live a life led by their values, and achieve their goals. 

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