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How Self-Awareness Can Improve Self-Control Skills

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

How in control of your emotional states are you? How do you manage your emotional states? What effect does this have on your life?

When we are subject to escalated emotions, like intoxicating substances they can affect our ability to think clearly. If we are unable to think clearly, we are more inclined to make decisions we may later regret and miss opportunities we could have benefited from.

You might think that you have no control over your emotional state and that you never will be able to. You might think that it doesn’t really affect you. You may even think that it is not important to anyone. This is inaccurate.

How we feel affects how we think and behave. Likewise, how we think affects how we feel and behave. And yes, how we behave affects how we think and feel. It is a lifelong loop that we are constantly evolving into. Others will only ever see our behaviours.

This is why much of our past experience makes us so unique. It can harm, hinder, or help us. At the end of the day, it is our choice how we handle it. No one can tell you what to think, how to feel, or even behave. There are certainly recommendations and socially acceptable standards. There are definitely laws punishable by the state. However, it is our choice. We have control over ourselves. It may not always feel like it, but we do.

For those who believe that you will never have control over your emotions, self-control skills like any other skills can be learned and developed.

For those who believe your emotional state doesn’t really affect you, I ask you how satisfied you are with your current quality of life?

For those who believe your emotional state is not important to anyone, I beg to differ. Even if you isolate yourself socially and professionally you are affecting yourself. You are someone. If you are affected the simplest of actions even body language can have an impact on anyone. It may be a stranger you pass on the street. It may be a service provider. It may be a colleague. One grimace in the wrong direction can affect someone. We can all be sensitive at times. We may misinterpret this body language as directed at us. This will affect how we feel, think, and ultimately behave. Our behaviour will then affect others we come into contact with. This is widely known as the ripple effect.

In order to develop self-control skills there is support out there. Please don’t hesitate to book a Free Mindset Meeting here: Home | Chloe Mepham BSc Certified Life Coach if you would like support with managing your emotions.

Self-awareness is key to beginning the process of developing self-control skills. If we do not believe we have an issue, we will not address it.

Some indicators we may have an issue might be something we are doing or not doing. For example, we may be sleeping too little, or too much. It may be something we cannot stop thinking about, or alternatively something we are avoiding thinking about entirely. Another indicator may be a physical sensation or a feeling. It might be others’ reactions to our presence. Does everyone keep asking you if you are alright? If they do, it might be time to pay attention.

A great way to reflect and improve our self-awareness is meditation. It provides the opportunity to calm our minds. When our minds are calm, we can think more clearly. It is also possible to use meditations directed at improving an area of our mindset, whether it is motivation, relaxation, or managing specific emotions.

I am currently developing my own meditations and I am considering requests for bespoke meditations. If this is something you may be interested in, I can record these for you to use at your convenience. Please don’t hesitate to book a Free Mindset Meeting here: Home | Chloe Mepham BSc Certified Life Coach to discuss what you want to achieve.

On a lighter note, the ripple effect is not necessarily negative. When we are positive, take positive actions, and display positive body language, this can affect others too. Simply smiling at someone as you walk past them in the street can make someone’s day.

If any of this resonates, please don’t hesitate to book a Free Mindset Meeting here: Home | Chloe Mepham BSc Certified Life Coach today.

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