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Embrace Empowerment: 3 Benefits of Moving Mindfully

Updated: Apr 29

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Have you ever experienced an emotion and not known what is causing it? I have. I was irritated. Everything that happened served to further increase my irritation. So, I exercised some self-compassion and gave myself a break. I expressed how I was feeling calmly but still felt rotten. Those I spoke to were supportive and kind, helping my mood. Now I am back, bolder, and stronger than ever.


It could have easily turned out so differently. I could have taken my irritation out on others, those closest to me, and on prospective clients. However, I was able to identify the irritation. I reflected on my thoughts and feelings and listened to my body. It turned out that I was irritated at myself. I had felt myself unproductive. This irritated me. If I had not identified this, I could have caused far more problems for myself. My mood could have escalated to anger.


After relaxing and reflecting on my progress, I realised that I had not been unproductive at all. It was a thought that escalated my emotion. This was then reinforced by all my subsequent actions because I was irritated. Everything took longer to process because I was taking too much time thinking about what I was not accomplishing and not what I had. Expressing gratitude for my accomplishments would have been beneficial. I do keep a gratitude journal twice daily, but my irritation impacted my ability to reflect on myself clearly. I monitor my progress. So, I have tangible evidence of my productivity, but in the moment, I didn’t even think to reflect on that, because I was irritated. Self-compassion is a priority for us all. Have you ever felt irritated at yourself and taken it out on someone else, only to later regret it?


To exercise self-compassion, it is important for us all to be self-aware. However, like with so many other things in life, self-awareness is a skill, and all skills can be developed. Don’t let your emotions control you. Regain control of your emotions, your thoughts, and your behaviour.

What do you believe about yourself? How do you perceive your potential? How does this affect your life? 


The way you perceive yourself at your core will influence how you behave. If you have positive beliefs about yourself and believe that you are worthy and capable of achieving outcomes, you will likely feel comfortable in situations where you can achieve and thrive. If you are feeling comfortable you will likely have more constructive thoughts about the situation. Both of these will positively impact how you behave in that situation. This is a reinforcing loop that will continue. Unfortunately, sometimes for some, the reverse is also true. However, this does not mean that cannot be reversed. I am evidence of this.


Self-awareness is fundamental to making changes in your life. In order to make a change you first need to identify that there is a need to make that change. To identify that need you will require some self-reflection. Self-reflection will enhance your self-awareness. There are numerous ways in which we can reflect on ourselves. In my previous article 6 Self-Care Ideas to Create a Self-Care Plan That Works For a Healthier and Happier You ( I discussed the benefits of journalling. This is an awesome tool for self-reflection. However, as I also mentioned we are all different and have different needs and different preferences at different times. So, it is beneficial to build a range of activities you can use in different moments to enhance your self-awareness. Once you can enhance your self-awareness you can embrace your own empowerment. In this article, I will focus on the power of physical awareness through mindful movement.


Move For Your Mind

When you think about physical activity what does it make you think of? Do you imagine improved physical health? Do you desire weight loss or toning? Or do you consider the impact that movement has on your mind?


Physical exercise will benefit you in all these areas. It is challenging but it is worth it! Not only will you reward your physicality but you can also improve your mind, mood, and consequently behaviours. All these factors will influence positive changes in your well-being. It is important when starting an exercise routine to consult a medical professional, especially if you have an underlying medical condition.


When you exercise you can reduce negative hormones such as cortisol associated with stress. Physical movement will also release endorphins in the brain with a myriad of benefits such as improving your mood. You don’t just have to imagine, you can experience this all firsthand with everything already at your disposal. It is as simple as making regular movements. Exercise can also improve your attention, especially when you pay attention to it mindfully.


The Power of Movement

Movement is powerful. It strengthens the power of the body and it can also harness the power of your mind. When you make mindful movements you are simply paying close attention to what you are doing. This is a requisite with exercise, or you could risk injury. Mindful movement is about focusing entirely on what it is that you are doing. Immersing yourself in the experience. Enjoy your endorphins!


How is your breathing? What tempo is each breath? Paying close attention to your breathing and heart rate during exercise is beneficial to prevent you from overdoing it or not challenging yourself enough. Your physical body will communicate with you what your limits are.


Where are you making these movements? Are you outside? Are you at a gym? Or are you at home? Focus on your surroundings, immerse yourself in the moment. Your mind, body, and spirit will be grateful for it.


When are you moving? Do you prefer to work out first thing in the morning? Or do you prefer to relieve stress after a hard day? Personally, I find exercising first thing in the morning sets me up for the day, waking up my system and releasing those endorphins for the day ahead.


What are you moving? Be mindful of every movement that you make. Each stretch of your arm. Every step of each foot. Whatever your desired exercise routine, enjoy the moment. Enjoy empowering yourself! Feeling the sensations of movement while sometimes exhausting can also feel exhilarating. Enjoy your endorphin release.


Most importantly for motivation, always keep in mind why you are moving. You may have a singular motivation for entering into an exercise routine. Or you may have multiple areas you want to tackle. During times of low motivation, it is important to remind ourselves of why we are doing something. Remind yourself of the benefits you will receive. Visualising what you want to achieve can be beneficial here.


Mastering Your Mind

When you adopt a regular fitness routine that works for you, and you adapt as your fitness increases you will notice the benefits. Mindfulness is evidenced to improve focus, attention, and mood among a myriad of other benefits. Intertwining mindfulness with movement you will notice the physical and psychological benefits that will improve your life.


Remaining present in the moment can also distract you from negative thoughts, concerns, or worries that may be troubling you. Focusing your entire attention on your physicality will train your brain to focus more in general. This is useful for all other tasks. Focus can positively impact communication in your relationships, your professional career, and your general everyday activities. Have you ever lost something and then lost time berating yourself for losing it? I would recommend some self-compassion. It can go a long way to calming the mind and potentially retrieving such information.


Enhancing your self-awareness of your physical being can also enhance the self-awareness of your mental and emotional selves as well. This is an awesome way to develop self-awareness to embrace your own empowerment. Remember, once we are self-aware we can change what we want.


It is important to exercise caution when practising mindfulness as despite all these positive effects it can highlight areas that may cause you concern. If this is the case, please seek professional medical support. The voyage to enlightenment can conceal dark passages. Embrace your shadow self or take action to change it.



We all have the ability to make changes in ourselves and our lives. Developing self-awareness will be the key to highlighting what we want or need to change in order to progress to our optimum version of ourselves. However, this can be a journey fraught with hazards we are not necessarily expecting. As such, it is beneficial to seek support from a mindfulness coach if considering exploring this route.


When you are ready to take the next step on your journey book a free Mindset Meeting with me by DM or my website We can explore who you want to become and how. I tailor each of my sessions to the individual and their circumstances, so it will be a bespoke programme only accessible to you. Are you ready to make some mindful movements and enjoy those endorphins? Embrace empowerment today.



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