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6 Holistic Well-Being Benefits of Joy and Laughter

Updated: May 9

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How often do you laugh? Is it the same amount as when you were a child? Does life and your responsibilities interfere with your ability to release and let go with the same impassioned abandon as you did then?


Our inner joy and the subsequent laughter it can evoke is a free resource. This resource can simply uplift you whenever you want. It can also support you through the most adverse circumstances you may confront.


In this article, I will approach the subject of your joy and laughter. I will emphasise how it can support and uplift you. Times can be trying. Such times can test the most patient of people. However, each of you has access to this awesome resource that can power you through. I intend for you to find the following inspiring.


How Do You Define Your Joy?

Have you ever paused to consider how you define your joy? I believe everyone will have a different definition of this mysterious opus. It will at least vary slightly from individual to individual. An ode to joy does not have to be religious. It will be something personal to you. It does not negate religion either if that is how you resonate with your joy. Joy could involve a blissful meditative state. Joy could be the freedom with which you are blessed to live as you choose. Joy could be the people you surround yourself with. Joy could be all or none of these. I believe joy is fundamental to our well-being.


For me, joy references a fleeting momentary state. The duration of this moment can vary. A state where you feel freedom. Where you will laugh. Where you can release your concerns and cares. Where you can embrace creativity and flow. Where you can elevate your entire being from your foundations to your apex. I believe it is different from happiness, which in my definition is more enduring than joy. To me, it is a momentary state where you can express your creativity, express yourself entirely, and feel no fear of anything. Add in a pinch of humour and you have a recipe for well-being.


How do you define your joy? How much joy do you engage in? Would you like to embrace this joyous state more often? Please comment below with your thoughts on joy.


What Will Make You Laugh More?

I believe that these fleeting joyous states are typically intertwined with laughter and potentially being a bit silly. I can recall in my carefree days of childhood embodying a lot more joy and laughing much more. Maybe, it would not be appropriate for me to behave as silly as I used to when I was younger. However, those uninhibited joyous moments were always accompanied by a giggle or three. Many times hearty laughter laughs.


How often do you laugh? Do you laugh as much as you would like to? Let me know your secrets in the comments below. Sharing wisdom can be a conduit to elevating joy.


Think of something that makes you giggle. What does that laughter face look like? Is it funny? Think of something that makes you laugh. A hearty laughter laugh. Is that laughter face funny? Keep these precious images and associations in mind. They are yours to use as you wish. They can elevate you whenever you want. They will come in valuable for all types of troublesome times. We will all have some of those. Your joy and your laughter can be your best ally at your disposal. They are precious. They are yours. No one can take them from you except maybe yourself.


Why Joy and Laughter Will Improve Your Holistic Well-Being?

Why am I twittering on about joy and laughter? I am endorsing how vital these wonderful and whimsical moments can be for your well-being. We all need some comedic relief. We all possess the power to summon our own joy and laughter. Your blessings of joy and laughter are precious and powerful.


What effects do you feel when you have experienced a moment of joy? How does it feel in your body? Does it feel like a rush? Does it elevate you? How does it affect your mind? Is it like a surge of inspiration? Can it enhance your thoughts? What does that do to your worries and woes? What impact do you think these have on your well-being?


What effects do you feel when you have had a good laugh? Do you feel exhausted or exhilarated after an animated laughter episode? It is a good workout. How does your mind feel? Does it clear out space for your next adventure? What about laughing at your worries and woes if you can? Would that impact your well-being?


3 Benefits of Laughter on Your Body

As mentioned in my previous article Embrace Empowerment: 3 Benefits of Moving Mindfully (, movement is powerful. It strengthens the power of your physical body. It can heal. It can improve resilience. If having a good laugh can wear you out it is working you out.


“According to Michael Miller M.D. from the University of Maryland, a good laugh can strengthen your arteries” (Marano, H. E. 2005). How much do you enjoy a good cardio session? How much do you love a good laugh? I am not suggesting that you laugh instead of exercise. However, if both can improve your health, why not include both in your lifestyle?


“Laughing can also strengthen your abdominal muscles, shoulders, and diaphragm” (Scott, E. Ph.D. 2020). When you let out a deep guffaw from your diaphragm you can feel it working through your system. It can strengthen. It can relieve pain. Promoting natural pain relief from the inside sounds superior to taking a painkiller. Which would you rather do? Laughter is free medicine.


3 Benefits of Laughter on Your Mental Health

When you are feeling joyous and when you are laughing you stimulate all sorts of effects within yourself. As mentioned previously one of these effects can be to distract yourself from whatever may be worrying you. When you are laughing wholeheartedly you are generally in the present witnessing it for the first time, not distracted by the future or the past. Maybe it is a mindful practice. Although, I have had many a giggle at historical laughing episodes. If you can laugh at the absurd that may provoke negative emotions in you, all the better. How will that affect your mental health?


The power of laughter can strengthen bonds with people. Laughter can unite us together. Sharing a laugh with others can be a wonderful way to build relationships and strengthen them. Focus on the funny little things. Focus on circulating joyous moments. This can make someone else’s day. They can then convey this to others. Those people then can circulate this further and wider to an increasing number of people. It is a glorious effect.


As with exercise, a good laugh can release endorphins. Those chemicals in the brain can provide you with not just pain relief, but all sorts of special benefits. It can reduce stress. It can promote more joy. All of this can become contagious.


What is the Meaning of Laughter?

Well, this question I will leave you to ponder. What is the meaning of laughter? What do you stand to gain? What do you stand to lose? Is there a more joyful way to embrace your holistic well-being? I personally, do not believe so.



So, with so many benefits for your holistic well-being, why would you not want to embrace more joy and laugh more? Think about your definition of joy. Review your joy regularly. Are you embracing as much as you want? What could you do to encourage more joy in your life?


What do you find humorous? How can you access it? Why not giggle and laugh more? Please comment with your insights below, I am genuinely intrigued.


Do you struggle to incorporate more joy and laughter into your life? When you are ready to take the next step on your journey book a free Mindset Meeting with me by DM or via my website We can explore who you want to become and how. I tailor each of my sessions to you and your circumstances, so it will be a bespoke programme only accessible to you. Embrace the empowering sensations of joy and laughter today! Failing that simply connect with me on social media and comment on what you wish.



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