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Managing Difficult Emotions

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Do you know which emotions you find most difficult to identify? Do you know which emotions you find most difficult to manage? How do you handle these emotions?

Once you have been able to identify which emotion you have difficulty identifying, how do you manage it? It might be that you think that you cannot manage the emotion. This is likely not the case. The good news is that you are more than halfway to managing the emotion, having already identified it. There is support out there if you need it. You could always book a Free Mindset Meeting here: Home | Chloe Mepham BSc Certified Life Coach with me for support.

Once you have identified the emotion, it will be uncomfortable. There is a reason you have been avoiding dealing with it. It is important to acknowledge the emotion you are experiencing. Name it. Take the power back from that emotion. Put Yourself back in control of yourself!

It can also help you to understand that other people deal with this same emotion. Depending on the emotion, it is likely not comfortable for anyone to deal with. But people do. You are not alone.

It is also beneficial to have strategies to deal with the emotion when it arises. It could be that you avoid certain situations where the emotion is likely to arise. However, this is not a guarantee. So, it is also important to have strategies in place to deal with the physical sensations the emotion provokes.

For example, if anger instigated by rush hour traffic is the cause, you could choose to travel at a different time. However, this may not be acceptable to your situation; be it work, appointments, or emergencies, or numerous other factors. Therefore, it is helpful to have other strategies in place to deal with the emotion. Knowing what the emotion is, and what the potential causes can be is fundamental. Everyone is different and will have different strategies that work for them when managing emotions. If your response is erratic breathing, for example, you may find deep breathing exercises beneficial. These are best practised when in a calm state.

Once you have managed to deal with the emotion once, then that will boost your confidence to deal with it again. The more confident you become in dealing with that emotion, the less power it will have over you.

If anyone wants any support with managing emotions, please do not hesitate to book a Free Mindset Meeting here: Home | Chloe Mepham BSc Certified Life Coach.

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